WELDBrush 700 Starter Set :

The WELDBrush 700 is a electrolytic weld-cleaner for the treatment of Stainless Steel. It is mainly used for cleaning the heat-tint and iron oxide after welding, for passivating the surface and for marking on Stainless Steel. 

The WELDBrush 700 has 4 functions:

-               Cleaning and Passivating

-               Marking

-               Polishing

-               Plating

‘Cleaning and Passivating’ lets you get rid of iron oxide and brings the chromium layer to the surface in one work process. With ‘Marking’ you can create dark marks on the surface. This can be used for Logos and serial numbers.

‘Polishing’ gives the welds a bright and shiny surface, this is mainly used for high quality brushed and polished surfaces. The ‘Plating’ lets you plate the surface of the Stainless Steel.

The WELDBrush 700 cleans and passivates TIG and MIG welds extremely fast and perfectly reliable. With the higher power bigger brushes can be used and compared to the WELDBrush 500 it cleans approximately double as fast. The speed of this unit is amazing and it is probably the fastest Weld cleaner on the market. As a general rule any mechanical polishing after the process is not needed as the WELDBrush doesn’t change the color or the structure of the Stainless surface.

The robust casing and the hardwearing cables and connectors make all WELDBrush models a Premium machine in the weld cleaning market. Further to that, the automatic and constant power regulation gives a guaranteed 100% duty-cycle with a very long brush lifespan. The modular cables and brush holder, the very low-cost consumables usage and the intense and fast cleaning make the WELDBrush an unrivalled option for treating your welds.

WELDBrush 700 Starter Set WELDBrush

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